Stalls 2018

 STALLS 2018

JM2018 stall map

We are delighted to welcome old favourites and new stalls to 2018 Japan Matsuri. Use the plan above to plan your trip (click on map to enlarge to find your favourite stalls). Food stalls are located in the centre of the Square, on either side of the famous fountains. Non-food stalls are in two groups: North Terrace stalls, in front of the National Gallery and South Side stalls, located on either side of the stage.


AUN Yakisoba, Takoyaki, Kara-age, Tempura prawns
BENIHANA Teppanyaki prawn, Grilled beef tortilla roll, Wagyu beef yakiniku, Prawn curry soup, Grilled chicken roll with sauce, Yakisoba, Beef donburi, Dorayaki, Soft drinks
CLEARSPRING Brown rice mochi, Miso soup, Vegetable gyoza, Soba ramen, Amazake, Teas incl. Matcha latte
and various Clearspring products
Izakaya Sasuke Creation Shrimp tempura roll, Salmon and Avocado roll, Vegetable roll
JAPAN CENTRE GROUP Kara-age, Takoyaki, Hirata bun, various Bento boxes, Ice cream, Soft drinks
MAI FOOD Yakisoba, Takoyaki, Fried Chicken
Mugen Sushi box
Natural Natural Salmon bowl, Octopus fritter, Deep-fried chicken stick, Daifuku, Ramune, Green tea
OKAN BRIXTON VILLAGE Okonomiyaki, Yakisoba, Green tea, Water
ON CAFE Steamed Dumplings (chicken, pork, vegetable), Steam Bao, Burgers (Chicken teriyaki, Vegetarian, Pork belly), Ice cold Fruity Yogurts
PEKO PEKO LTD Pumpkin Korokke, Ebi Fry, Chicken Kara-age, Takoyaki, Curry with choice of Ebi Fry/ Pumpkin Korokke/ Kara-age , Ramune, Water
Pochi Gohan Japanese soboro rice bowls (Buta, Tofu), Vegan Cauliflower Kara-age, Wafu chips, Edamame, Water
Shoryu Ramen Ganso tonkatsu, Piri Piri tonkatsu, Wagyu ramen, Chicken katsu curry, Curry, Green tea
TK Trading Chicken yakitori bento, Chicken katsu wraps, Chicken katsu sandwiches, Spicy chicken katsu, Mixed sushi, Green Tea, Ooloong Tea, soft drinks, water
Tsujiri (between stage and activity tent) Matcha ice blend, Kinako, sesame, red bean shiratama, Warabi mocha, Matcha pudding, Matcha latte
WAGASHI JAPANESE BAKERY Dorayaki pancake, Ice cream, Daifuku mochi
ZENNOH Wagyu skewers, Mochi ice cream



CENTRAL JAPAN RAILWAY Tourism in Japan, including sights and transport
EAST JAPAN RAILWAY Tourism in Japan, including sights and transport
IIJ EUROPE LTD Promotion and selling of Japan Travel SIM
JAPAN AIRLINES JAL posters and photo frames, Giveaway goods, Japan Explorer Pass Brochure, JAL Premium Economy Seats mock-up
JAPAN ASSOCIATION UK Japanese books, Origami, Clothing including kimono, haori  and obi, Miscellaneous Japanese goods
JAPAN EXPERIENCE Promotion of tours, transportation, accommodation, activities
JAPAN FOUNDATION Leaflets, Japanese language information and games
JAPAN LOCAL GOVERNMENT CENTRE Promotion of tourism in the regions of Japan
Japan Nakama Promoting the Japan Nakama app, give away prizes
Japan Society Promotion of education, Japanese culture and the Society’s activities. Visit Japan using robot technology, in partnership with iPresence
The City of Yokohama Tourism information about Yokohama



DOKI LTD Japanese tableware including tea, sake and bowl sets
FUKUSHIMA PREFECTURE Fukushima agricultural products, Noodles, Sweets, Beefsteak plants, Craft goods
JAPAN CRAFT Puzzle boxes, Kimono, Yukata, Ukiyo-e, Pocky, Ramune, Maneki Neko
JAPANESE GALLERY Showcasing original Japanese woodblock prints alongside vintage anime cels used in the production process.
Kyoto Journal Various issues of the Kyoto Journal
Mercari UK Launching new marketplace app from Japan!
MINAMOTO KITCHOAN Tsuya, Matcha Mochi, Hakuto Mochi, Mame daifuku, Kusamochi, Tomato basil senbei, Black pepper senbei, Cheese senbei, White Peach Jelly, Matcha tea powder
NHK WORLD & JSTV Promotion of JSTV and NHK world. VR experience, Photo session with ninja and life size sumo wrestler panel, Watch NHK programmes on TV
PANSY Kimono, Yukata, Obi and craftware
Sweet Japan Kohakuto Gift Box, Kohakuto jar, Kohakuto, Matcha fudge, Matcha cup cake, Mix Kohakuto
Tsujiri Matcha ice blend, Kinako, sesame, red bean shiratama, Warabi mocha, Matcha pudding, Matcha latte
Yakult Yakult original and Yakult light