About Japan Matsuri

Message from the Chairman of Japan Matsuri’s Executive Committee | “ジャパン祭りに寄せて” — Japan Matsuri 実行委員会長より—

We look forward to welcoming you to the 9th Japan Matsuri, London’s annual Japanese Festival, organised by the Japan Association in the UK, the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the UK, the Japan Society and the Nippon Club and supported by The Japanese Embassy in London.

What is Matsuri? Well, in simple terms it means Festival or Holiday and, in Japan, Matsuri were historically sponsored by shrines or temples to honour ancestors or to celebrate harvest and community. Japan Matsuri in 2017 will celebrate Japan in the UK and the strong relationship between our two countries.  We hope you will join us for this special occasion.

Keisaku “Sandy” Sano
Chairman of The Executive Committee Japan Matsuri



この度第九回ジャパン祭りを開催することとなりました。本年も、英国日本人会、在英日本商工会議所、ジャパン・ソサエティ、日本クラブにより設立されましたJapan Matsuri会社が主催となり、日本大使館のご後援の下に開催できます事を心からお祝いいたします。


我々の未来の − 彌栄(いやさかえ)−を大いに皆様とともに祈願したく存じます。

佐野 圭作