2016: MC (Naomi Suzuki)

Naomi Suzuki
MC Naomi Suzuki


Introducing the multitalented Naomi Suzuki, singer, producer
and event host active in the UK and Europe.
Residing in London, UK | Born in Fukuoka, Japan

Naomi Suzuki is one of the most well known Japanese singer in the UK.


Naomi is having been the host of Japan Matsuri since the first event 7 years ago.

Naomi Suzuki gives us the chance to take part and feel the spirit of a Japanese festival. Sing along, dance and also star in the video for IBUKI (Breath), this year’s JAPAN MATSURI song together with Naomi!

(at 10am Opening Ceremony, 12pm, 3pm and 5pm)


In March 2015, she made the first concert held by a Japanese national in the British Houses of Parliament into a big success, drawing attention from the Japanese media as well.

Not only has Naomi hit #12 on the UK dance chart but also reached #14 in the US radio charts with her band AJ Unity(Album: Sweet Roses) and is active in both Europe and the US. And took the #1 position for 3 weeks straight on a poll that was voted on by 1400 radio stations all over the world. Naomi continues to challenge herself all over the globe.

Since the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami disaster, Naomi has released CDs of support songs. With a theme of “The power to live from music”, Naomi often travels to regions affected by the tragedy and performs live shows to support the victims.

She also works as a radio personality on “Naomi’s London Calling”, which is a radio show that promotes information about London to people in Japan and is broadcast over 7 FM radio stations over there.

As for her presenting duties, Naomi has been busy working as the presenter for NHK Broadcasting at the World Video Expo, in MTV’s program advertisements, and at events associated with the London Olympics, Moshi Moshi Nippon in London, and Matsutake Kabuki.






『イギリスで最も有名な日本人シンガー』と現地で報道される。2015年3月 日本人初のイギリス国会議事堂でのコンサートを成功させ、日本のメディアからも注目を集めた。

2012年AJ Unityとしてリリースされた『Sweet Roses』が全米ラジオチャート14位を記録。全世界1400のラジオ局の投票では3週間連続で1位を獲得。欧米で話題になり、今なお世界へのチャレンジを続けている。


ロンドンから日本に向けて、ロンドン情報を発信するラジオ番組「ナオミのLONDON CALLING(日本7カ所のFM放送局)」のパーソナリティーを務める傍ら、毎年7万人以上を動員する『英国ジャパン祭り』の総合司会を初回から7年間担当。

世界映像博覧会でNHKのプレゼンター、MTVの番組宣伝プレゼンター、ロンドンオリンピック関連イベントの司会、もしもしにっぽん in Londonの司会、松竹歌舞伎のレセプション司会を勤めるなどプレゼンターとしても活躍中。