STALL 2019

We are delighted to welcome old favourites and new stalls to 2019 Japan Matsuri.
Use the plan above to plan your trip (click on map to enlarge to find your favourite stalls).
Food stalls are located in the centre of the Square, on either side of the famous fountains.
Non-food stalls are in two groups:
North Terrace stalls, in front of the National Gallery and South Side stalls, located on either side of the stage.



Yakisoba noodles, Takoyaki, Tempura prawns, Kara-age


Enjoy the flavours of Hyogo prefecture! Bokkake udon and rice, Teppanyaki Beef udon, Garlic prawns, Japanese Wagyu Steak, Kasu soup, Garlic Sesame oil

Bite Mi

Teriyaki Chicken noodles, Hirata buns


Gyoza, Soba, Mochi, Miso soup, Tofu, Rice crackers, Tamari soya sauce, Seaveg crispies, Umami paste, tea, Matcha Green Tea Powder, Amazake Japanese rice drink

Happy Sky Bakery with Machiya

Yakisoba Pan, Spaghetti sandwich, An-pan, Melon-pan, as well as Gyudon, Curry

Japan Centre / Shoryu

Kara-age, Yakitori, Takoyaki, Hirata buns, Ice cream, Kakigori shaved ice dessert, Mixed mini mochi pack, Soft drinks
Tonkotsu ramen

MOS burger

Teriyaki chicken burger, Yakiniku rice burger


Sushi, Chicken katsu curry, Gyoza, Yakiudon

Natural Natural

Mazesoba, Takoyaki, Kara-age, Ramune, Japanese tea


Curry, Ebi Fry, Pumpkin Korokke,Gyudon, Takoyaki, Chicken Kara-age, Gyoza, Ramune& Water


Katsu Curry, Curry Udon, Donburi bowl, Sushi box, Tempura fries, Macaroon, Bubble tea, Soft drinks

TK Trading

Coloured onigiri, Tebayaki grilled Japanese chicken wings, Water, Tea

Wagashi Japanese Bakery

Gyoza, Gyoza curry, Chocolate coated banana


Wagyu skewers, Water, Soft drinks


Central Japan Railway Company

Tourism in Japan, including sights and transport in the Central Japan Railway area

Dragon trip

Adventure and Family Group Tours to Japan

East Japan Railway Company

Tourism in Japan, including sights and transport in the East Japan Railway area


Japan travel SIM cards, Ring toss challenge

ISI Japanese Language school

Japanese language courses in Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagano

Japan Airlines

Introduction of Japan Airlines products, Japan as an attractive tourism destination and introduction to special fare campaign

Japan Association in the UK

Kimono Experience, Paper doll cards, Origami

Japan Foundation

Leaflets, Japanese language information and games

Japan Local Government Centre

Promotion of tourism in the regions of Japan

Japan National Tourist Organisation

Promotion of tourism in Japan

Japan Season of Culture

Meet, greet, and take photos with the Japan Matsuri performers at the Japan-UK Season of Culture stall!

Japan Society

Design your own uchiwa fan.


Tenugui (towel), Furoshiki (wrapping cloth)


Tourism in Japan, including sights and transport in the Odakyu Railway area


Kimono, Yukata, Obi + accessories, Craftware


Fabric eco bags, Earrings, Pictures in frames, Posters, Portrait service
Camden Tea

Various types of tea and tea accessories

Doki Ltd

Ceramic tableware, Chopsticks, Gift items

Ezen Designs

Japanese greetings cards, Art prints, Frames, Notebooks, Foiling service, Kimono

Fukushima Prefectural Association

Beefsteak plant, Folk Craft, Kitakata ramen, Peach jelly, Fukushima cakes, Bean-jam jelly

Japan Craft

Kimono and yukata, Japanese woodblock prints, Daruma doll, Lucky cats, Folding fans, Candy and snacks, Sodas

Japanese Gallery

Japanese woodblock prints, Cel-ga, Wrapping paper


Come and enjoy our promotion of JSTV – Europe’s only broadcaster of Japanese television where we bring you the latest news and entertainment straight from Japan.

Kyoto Journal

Various issues of Kyoto Journal, Cards, Wrapping paper and Books

Minamoto Kitchoan

Japanese sweets, including: Tsuya, Matcha mochi, Hakuto mochi, Kusa mochi, Kasutera, Fukuwatashi senbei, Oribenishiki White peach jelly, Matcha green tea powder

NHK World – Japan

Come and visit NHK WORLD-JAPAN stall for photo taken opportunity with our beloved mascot DOMO and life-sized Sumo Wrestler cardboard cut-out. Don’t forget to try the stamp rally to receive a gift.


Yakult original and Yakult light