2018: Activity Tent

Family Fun in the Activity Tent & at the Matsuri Art Wall

We offer a truly fantastic family fun day with our much loved traditional Japanese games, great opportunities to learn the secrets of origami & Japanese calligraphy. There is also a chance to be a manga artist & display your masterpiece in front of the National Gallery.

Origami at the Activity Tent

The British Origami Society (London) will be demonstrating the amazing art of origami and displaying some of their fantastic creations. If you would like to try origami or learn to make something special by folding paper,  just call by and see how the origami wizards do it. The British Origami Society has over 50 years of history with members worldwide. Read more about the Society and have a look at their website:       http://www.britishorigami.info

Japanese Water Ball Game 水ヨーヨー at the Activity Tent

The traditional Japanese water ball game. Can you fish the brightly coloured balls out of the water? Challenge your family & friends – it’s lots of fun for everyone! Organized by the Ishikawa family & friends.

Manga Art at the Activity Tent

A group of talented Manga artists led by Elena Vitagliano will run a variety of activities on the art of drawing Manga. There will also be an opportunity for you to have your own personalized manga portrait made. Find out more: www.facebook.com/ElenaVitaglianoArtist http://elenavitagliano.com/

Japanese Calligraphy Art Workshops at the Activity Tent

Try your hand at drawing Japanese kanji characters & experience the true beauty of Japanese calligraphy. See how the professionals do it & look at our mini-exhibition & demonstrations by students. During the day we offer small calligraphy workshops & demonstrations of calligraphy – learn how to write Japanese characters. Find out more at Kashuu Japanese Calligraphy Art:www.kashuucalligraphy.com

Matsuri Art Wall – in front of the National Gallery (10:00 – 13:30)

In front of the National Gallery you will find the amazing Matsuri Art Wall. It’s a massive 9 metre long canvas upon which you can draw your own fantastic creations right in front of the nation’s most famous art gallery. The 2018 Matsuri Art Wall competition theme is “Ten years of Japan Matsuri ” Come and create your own masterpiece!     www.graffitiworks.co.uk

Outreach Work –

Every year, Japan Matsuri conducts several outreach project to make our event as inclusive as possible. Our thanks this year to West London Citizens UK, the Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields, Christ the Saviour Primary School, St Martin-in-the-Fields Church, the Matsuri Art Wall Team & the Activities Team.