2018 Main Stage Performance


Japan Matsuri Song “IBUKI” with Naomi Suzuki

Get ready to dance to the Japan Matsuri Song “IBUKI” with UK-based Japanese singer Suzuki Naomi! This year’s dancers were selected from the general public. See if you can spot your friend on stage!

Mikoshi Procession

Mikoshi Procession / 神輿

Look out for the mikoshi, a portable shrine topped with a phoenix, which will be ceremonially carried around the square. Listen out for the impassioned cries of ‘Washoi! Washoi!’ – a phrase intrinsically linked with the with the carrying of a mikoshi.

The Green Chorus Women’s Choir

The Green Chorus Women’s Choir / 日本クラブ女声合唱団グリーンコーラス

For forty years, Japanese Women’s Choir The Green Chorus has performed in churches, festivals and memorial concerts all over London; and more recently in remembrance of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. New members are always very welcome.

Eisa Dance

Yosakoi London – Temuzu / よさこいロンドン天夢手

Yosakoi London “Temuzu” is an amateur dance group. It was founded in 2016 by three London individuals, who discovered and fell in love with the energetic yosakoi dance whilst living in Japan. They decided to bring yosakoi back on their return and share the joy of this fun Japanese dance with the UK. They are always on the lookout for new members!

Eisa Dance

Eisa Dance: Children of the London Bunka Yochien / エイサー踊り:ロンドン文化幼稚園

Firm favourites at Japan Matsuri, the children, aged 2 to 6 years old, (and parents) of the London Japanese Cultural Nursery School perform the Eisa dance of Okinawa; with miniature drums! It doesn’t get any cuter than this – a true Japan Matsuri highlight.

The Fairlady ZZZZZ, Samurai Rock Band

The Fairlady ZZZZZ are a Japanese Rock Band formed in London in 2008. Expect heavy, guitar driven sound in this performance of vintage British-flavoured Japanese Rock, which draws influence from Blues, Psychedelia, Progressive, Punk and Folk Music.

Eisa Dance

The Technique of the Ninja: Performance from Japan / NHK WORLD-JAPAN 提供 忍者ショー

Ninjas are one of the most instantly recognisable cultural icons from Japan. Their techniques have taken on an almost mythical aspect over time, with people believing that they can walk on water or turn invisible. Whilst that may not be true, there is no doubt that the skills possessed by ninjas are exceptional. NHK WORLD-JAPAN presents this exciting ninja combat show by The Ashura, the special performance group of Iga-ryu Ninja, in which the techniques of the ninja will be expertly demonstrated. Not to be missed!

Radio Taiso / ラジオ体操

Radio Exercises have been part of Japanese life for generations. Originally introduced in the 1920’s as a way of encouraging improved health, Radio Taiso is now broadcast not just on the radio, but also on television and online. The simple exercises can be done by people of all ages. Why not move your body, and take part in an exercise routine that has taken on a quintessentially Japanese character!

Maru Batsu Quiz ‘True or False’ on Japan / 日本あれこれOXクイズ

You are currently at Japan Matsuri, but how much do you actually know about Japan? Even if you think you’re an expert on Japan, why not test the extent of your knowledge? Everyone can take part by making the shape of a circle (Maru) if you think the statement is true or the shape of cross (Batsu) if you think it is false. Things will start easy, but soon the difficulty is going to rack up!

Let’s Dance Awa Odori / みんなで阿波踊り

Awa Odori is the largest dance festival in the Japan, taking place over three days in Tokushima prefecture, and a taste of the festival will be brought to Japan Matsuri! Why not join the dance procession through the square? After all, as the song of the festival goes, “The fools dance and the fools watch, if both are fools you may as well dance!”

London Okinawa Sanshinkai

London Okinawa Sanshinkai / ロンドン沖縄三線会

The London Okinawa Sanshinkai is a collection of people who are enthusiastic about Okinawan folk and classical music and traditional dance. Amongst the members are Okinawans, mainland Japanese, and people from several other nationalities. We play and teach Okinawan folk and classical music and traditional dance using the sanshin (a 3-stringed lute), taiko (stick drums), samba (like a castanet) and sometimes other instruments like the koto (Japanese zither) and fue (flute).

JSD Dance Crew

JSD Dance Crew / JSDダンス・クルー

JSD Crew is a kid’s street dance crew based in Acton Town. They practice every Sunday at Acton High school with Shala. Enjoy their energetic performance and feel their passion for dance!

Fashion Collection by Kimono De Go / Kimono De Go 着物ファッションショー

The “SUJAKU” collection by Kimono De Go aims to breathe new life in to the work of traditional kimono craftsmen by reinterpreting Japanese traditional wear as a dress. This year, Japanese fashion designer Kyoko Higa’s edgy kimono will also be on the catwalk. A marvellous showcase of Japanese fashion, in collaboration with dance team “Epika” awaits!

Nostalgic J-pop Show with Naomi Suzuki / 昭和歌謡ショー

Naomi Suzuki will perform a famous, nostalgic and soulful J-pop song called SHOWA KAYO (昭和歌謡) in a jazz style. This song has the power to make people all over the world happy! Naomi performed the SHOWA KAYO SHOW in New York this year for Beyond2020, a legacy project for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. G: Dom Stockbridge, Bass: Wun Yen Chan, Dr: Davide Pasqualini, Key: TBA


SOAS Min’yo Group / SOAS 民謡グループ

The SOAS Min’yo Group is made up of devotees to Japanese folk songs, min’yo, who meet regularly at SOAS, University of London, to practise singing, instruments and some folk dancing. Launched in 2012 by David Hughes, a Japanese music specialist at SOAS, it welcomes members of all nationalities. See www.facebook.com/SOASMinyo and soasminyo.wordpress.com


Hiroko Tanaka Nihon Buyo Group

Nihon Buyo, or Japanese Dance, is a dance form refined and developed over four centuries. It contains influences from Kabuki theatre dance, Noh theatre, Japanese folk dance and a mixture of European and American cultural trends found in Japan today. The group is led by Hiroko Tanaka, a Wakayagi-ryu dance teacher who has been dancing nearly 70 years.

Hibiki Ichikawa & Akari Mochizuki – Tsugaru Shamisen, Music from Japan / 一川響&望月あかり~津軽三味線とにっぽんの唄~

Hibiki Ichikawa is the only professional player of Tsugaru Shamisen in Europe. Akari Mochizuki is the only Enka (Japanese blues) singer in the UK. Hibiki and Akari will demonstrate the fantastic range of the Tsugaru Shamisen, including ensembles and singing accompaniments. They are joined by Hibiki’s students and Hiroshi Yamauchi, a Japanese percussionist based in London. Please enjoy the authentic traditional sounds from Japan. www.hibikishamisen.com, www.akarisinger.com

“Eiji Sawamura” – The Everlasting Fast Ball by Reijiro Tsumura

Noh theatre actor Reijiro Tsumura fuses the Noh aesthetic tradition with contemporary ballet and piano. The work “Eiji Sawamura” is based on the story of a man who didn’t come back from the battlefields, the great Japanese professional baseball player Eiji Sawamura.


Joji Hirota London Taiko Drummers

The mighty thunder of huge taiko drums. Intricate and fascinating rhythms and soundscapes take us from traditional rhythms through to melodic drumming. http://www.jojihirota.com/